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What Are The 5 Common Carpet Cleaning Mistakes?

10 Jan 2020

A carpet is one of the most beautiful products of any room. It can offer a high level of comfort as well as improve the beauty of the room. If you maintain your carpet properly then it can last longer. Unfortunately, most of the homeowners like you make some mistakes when it comes to cleaning of the carpet. According to the residential & commercial carpet cleaning experts, some of the vital mistakes are given below.

Roughly scrubbing on stains

Roughly scrubbing on the stains can permanently damage your carpet fibres. Vigorous scrubbing is a very ineffective way to remove carpet stains. Carpet cleaning experts never suggest you for scrubbing. It can damage the quality of carpet fibres. You blot the area instead of scrubbing for getting a better result.

Using a wrong cleaning product

Using the wrong cleaning product is another big mistake that ever homeowner does. Incorrect cleaning agent may lead to discolouration and permanent damage of your carpet. All products are not suitable for every carpet fibre. You need to follow the manufacturer's guidelines before choosing a carpet cleaner. The type of fabric of your carpet is generally mentioned in the guidelines. Based on that you need to choose the perfect product for cleaning.

Applying excessive chemicals

If you think using too much chemicals give you the better result then you are absolutely wrong. Excessive chemicals can make your carpet discoloured. So always try to use the right chemical in a certain amount.

Irregular vacuuming

Irregular vacuuming is one of the common mistakes that people usually do. Your carpet quickly absorbs dust or tiny particles. So you need to vacuum your carpet on a weekly basis. If you have pets or kids then regular vacuuming is highly necessary. If you avoid vacuuming, the dust can be deeply absorbed into the carpet. If you do not have a vacuum cleaner then you can also clean the surface dust by using a soft duster.

Not hiring carpet cleaning experts

Most of the homeowners believe in DIY cleaning but frankly speaking, it never gives you the perfect and long-lasting solution. If you do not have proper knowledge about carpet & its cleaning techniques then you will surely do the above mistakes. So, it's better to leave the task to the carpet cleaning experts. Professional carpet cleaning has a number of advantages. Experts can make your carpet completely bacteria-free and germless by their advanced cleaning methods.

So, these are the 5 common mistakes that you usually make. To avoid them always follow the manufacturer's instructions before cleaning. In addition, you should hire the carpet cleaning experts at least once a year.


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