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How Can You Extend The Life of Your Residential Carpets?

How Can You Extend The Life of Your Residential Carpets?
27 Oct 2020 1

Despite their excellent appearance, the carpets are the homes to a string of contaminants. Unless it is cleaned properly, and equally maintained, the carpet fibers are sure to absorb a good quantity of dust and hairs. If cleaned improperly, or wrongly maintained, the carpets will surely be damaged.

The residential carpets have to be regularly cleaned laying much emphasis on daily stains and dirt. When the professional residential cleaners take over cleaning the rugs and carpets, they are careful to analyze the natural fibers at first. Natural fabrics like silk and wool are highly susceptible to the high-pressure water and using some chemical agents in its cleanliness. That is why the professional carpet cleaners choose the most effective residential carpet cleaning method. They are especially careful about natural carpets and rugs.

  • First, the carpets and rugs are kept away from the dirty areas, so it is not added with dirt.

  • Using a vacuum cleaner for cleaning the residential carpets is really an easy and safe procedure to get rid of light dirt.

  • To keep themselves safe, the carpet cleaners avoid single cleaning the stains as these are bound to spread and smudge; and lead to deeper absorption in the carpets.

  • A few spots have a tendency to reappear. They might come back just when the cleaners think they have the stains cleared. For the very purpose of avoiding this problem, they keep a detergent filled towel on the stain for long hours that absorbs a large part of the dirt. Then the carpets are cleaned.

  • The stains are never dried using the hair dryers or iron, as it will cause the stains to become more stubborn.

  • Compared to the other residential carpet cleaning methods, steam cleaning is the perfect way for removing the stains and freshening the carpets.

  • In case, mold and mildew have grown, then the cleaners use bleach to remove them from white fabrics and the industry approved detergents to clean the colored fabrics. While using the cleaning liquids, they are extremely careful to use them in correct amounts and in the right way. Before applying them, they thoroughly read the instructions and notes as mentioned by the manufacturers.

  • To get the best results, they clean the liquid split on the carpets at the earliest for avoiding excessive tissue damages. For the stubborn stains as the result of the spilling liquids like wine, coffee, or tea, they mix vinegar and water on the tainted and soiled areas for the marks to fade and colors to retain.
  • With vacuuming being the chief and the easiest way for keeping the carpets clean, the cleaners use high-quality vacuum cleaners and apply them to application properly. From time to time, they clean the vacuum bags and filter them out since the containers get filled.

  • As necessary, the cleaners even make use of the lightest cleaning chemicals which will not cause any damage to the carpets. But the chemicals are reliable only against the stubborn stains.

The very first step to extend the life of the residential carpets is to make sure that they are absolutely free from dirt. The clean fibers are fresh and detest the growth of molds and mildew. Hiring the professional residential cleaners is a necessity, but as the homeowner, you have certain responsibilities to let the carpets last long. Ensure less spillage as possible on the carpets. Dust them once a week. If the pets have left behind the imprints of their muddy paws, then immediately apply some vinegar and water before the mud hardens. Although the fibers are sure to collect the dirt yet it should be allowed not more than one month. Right as the carpets turn greying, call the professional carpet cleaners to deal with the matter.


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