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5 Nasty Elements Hiding In Your Beautiful Carpet

30 Mar 2020

A carpet looks very beautiful if it is maintained properly. Otherwise, many nasty elements start hiding inside the carpet fibres. These elements not only die down your carpet’s beauty but they also create an impact on your health. In this blog, we will discuss 5 nasty things found in your beautiful carpet.


Do you know more than 30% of people suffer from dust allergies in London? Dust mites and allergens are mostly trapped in your carpet fibres. These allergens are harmful to your family and kids as they can create a number of respiratory issues like asthma, dust allergies, or even lung cancer. So, you should vacuum it regularly and clean it by residential or commercial carpet cleaning professionals twice a year.

Stains and spills

Stains love your carpet very much. Your most beautiful carpet attracts stains any time and it’s also quite common to find your carpet filled with stains after a party or event. Tea, coffee, urine, blood, juice, wine are easily absorbed into the carpet fibres. They can permanently damage your carpet if not maintained immediately. You should blot the area by using a stain cleaner after noticing the stain.

Harmful chemicals

One drop of a chemical can be very harmful to your carpet fibre. It can create permanent spot or holes on the carpet. Some spooky chemicals are very dangerous for your health. So, never hesitate to get rid of harmful chemicals or liquids from the carpet fibre. Wash it properly by using carpet cleaning solutions and then wait for complete drying. You can also call experts for getting better result.


Soft carpet fibres easily absorb moisture and make an environment for mould growth. It triggers a number of respiratory issues like sinus congestion, asthma, throat, eye and nose irritation, allergic reactions, etc. Carpet mould is very dangerous for your family and children. It needs to be removed by the proper carpet cleaning services. Experts generally perform steam cleaning or hot water extraction method for making your carpet mould free.

Oils & grease

Oils from oily foods, grease, and other liquids are easily trapped into your carpet fibres. They can create permanent spot and marks on it. Your carpet can be damaged permanently if you ignore it. Routine cleaning and proper washing help to oils and grease away from your carpet fibre.

So, these are the most dangerous things found in your carpet fibre. To avoid them regular Vacuum Cleaning is essential. However, DIY cleaning products are not very effective. So, you should call the house or office carpet cleaning experts to get rid of such nasty elements.

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