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Does Blitz Home Environmental Cleaning Ltd. guarantee 100% stain removal?

Blitz Home Environmental Cleaning Ltd. is a professional cleaning company in London, and we guarantee to remove each visible stain, without causing any damage to the surface or fabric.

Why should a professional cleaner clean my carpets?

The professional carpet cleaners provide a wide range of techniques and products for treating your carpets. When the professionals clean the carpets, they aid to lengthen the carpet life, thereby creates a better environment for everyone in your family.

What is Steam Carpet Cleaning?

Steam Carpet Cleaning involves spraying the hot water on the surface before shampoo is applied. This method is hot water extraction and is probably popular and effective on tough stains and dirt. Hot water suspends the dirt. Solutions are sprayed earlier so that the dirt is loosened.

Is your cleaning services guaranteed?

All our works are guaranteed. But the permanent stains have a different story. But we will be extremely happy to discuss on the part that has left you unhappy.  Rather, we shall also do a final inspection for all the customers to make sure everyone is satisfied.

When will your cleaners visit and perform the tenancy cleaning?

For tenancy cleaning, our cleaners will clean your property in the next 5 days. We understand you are in a hurry we shall take up all the steps to make sure the job is completed successfully.

Will I need to provide the cleaning detergents and tools?

Not at all. The cleaners will carry every necessary cleaning equipment and solutionswith them. But the cleaners will need to have access to your property,  water, and electricity.

Do I have to be physically present at my property when the cleaners are cleaning?

You need not be present at home while our cleaners clean your property.  You can easily trust our cleaners and leave your keys to them. In fact, you are welcome to arrange for a key pick up over the phone.

Is Blitz Home Environmental Cleaning Ltd. totally insured?

Yes! Blitz Home Environmental Cleaning Ltd. is a fully insured cleaning service provider.

What are the types of services you deliver?

Blitz Home Environmental Cleaning Ltd. provides a full range of cleaning services that are suitable for residential and commercial needs.

What is Dry Carpet Cleaning?

Dry carpet cleaning uses very low moisture or no moisture, and the time taken to dry is little. The dry carpet cleaning is effective to eliminate stains, allergens, and dirt. The carpet could have traffic right after completion.

Do you apply a carpet protector?

Yes, definitely we apply the carpet protectors when our customers request us. We use Scotchgard as a carpet protector. After cleaning, we apply the fabric protector to the carpets. A thin Teflon layer applied to the carpet acts as a stain repellent, so your carpet remains safe from dirt, dust, and spills until it is brought for next deep cleaning.

Am I allowed to choose the day and time according to my session?

Yes. You are free to decide when the cleaning is to be performed. We shall replace the appointed cleaner with another of our team if the appointed cleaner is not available.

Can the same cleaner clean my home every time?

Yes, you can. If you are satisfied with our particular cleaner, then we shall make sure the same cleaner goes to your space for cleaning. But we request our clients to consider the changes during the holidays, staff rotation, and sickness absence. We surely send the replacements to them when their regular cleaner is on a holiday or has fallen sick.

How often should I appoint the cleaners to clean my home?

Blitz Home Environmental Cleaning Ltd.offers the cleaning schedule according to your preference. You should book the cleaners at least after one month or the utmost after three months.

Are your cleaners security vetted?

We deeply understand that security is extremely important in every business. So, our staffs are security vetted before being hired. They undergo a detailed documentation process before being employed.